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Talking Till Dawn

Dec 24, 2021

In myths and legends across Europe -- and beyond -- one strange scenario plays out time and time again: a spectral horde thundering across the night sky, pursuing otherworldly prey, or clamouring for battle. Monstrous creatures, werewolves, trolls, old gods and fairy folk. Their arrival foretelling war or natural...

Dec 6, 2021

In 1697, the Scottish town of Paisley found itself in the grip of a witchcraft hysteria that echoed the infamous witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts four years earlier. Mike and Martin delve into the bloody and tragic details surrounding the case of the Paisley Witches.

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Oct 31, 2021

On a winter's morning in 2005, the dead body of Annie Börjesson was discovered on Prestwick beach in Scotland. The police quickly ruled her death a suicide, but on return to her native Sweden, a series of forensic clues and strange coincidences were noted that cast troubling doubts on the conclusions of the...

Oct 3, 2021

September 12th 1952: After a flurry of UFO sightings, a bright light streaks across the skies of Braxton County, West Virginia, coming to Earth on a hillside near the village of Flatwoods. Witnesses set out to investigate... and experience a terrifying encounter quite unlike anything else in the annals of the weird.


Aug 31, 2021

Some time in 1984, a music-loving teenager recorded an unknown song from German radio onto a cassette tape. Little did he know this simple act would spark a decades-long search, and draw thousands of people into the enigma of what would become known as The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet.

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